Cement Kiln Dust Pneumatic Conveying System

Cement Kiln Dust Pneumatic Conveying System

Holcim Cantagalo recently came to Macawber Engineering’s Brazilian licensee, PDL Sistemas for a quality Cement Kiln Dust pneumatic conveying system for an intermediate system conveying to a final storage silo. This is to replace a pressurized silo truck which led to dusty conditions and inefficient plant operations. The systems have been installed and continue to operate reliably for the customer.

Download Case Study:  Cement Kiln Dust – Holcim, Brazil (pdf)


  • Material Cement Kiln Dust (Filter Dust)
  • Bulk Density Aerated 500-700 kg/m3 (31-44 lb/ft3)
  • Size 14,000 Blane
  • Temperature 130°C (266°F)
  • Moisture 0%
  • Condition Medium abrasiveness, with poor flowing characteristics (fluidizing pads and Teflon coating were required)


  1. Cost reduction on material handling
  2. Automatic conveying for material transfer
  3. Elimination of dust spillage


  • System Type Cementveyor
  • Transfer Capacity 10 Mt/h (11 t/h)
  • Conveying Distance 294 m (965ft)
  • Reception Points One
  • Vertical Lifts Four