Pneumatic Conveying of Chromite Foundry Sand

Pneumatic Conveying of Chromite Foundry Sand

This project is interesting because it demonstrates some of the extraordinary service Macawber can perform in addition to plant/capital equipment in a project. The customer came to us having been a previous customer in the mid-‘80s. IGC performs foundry sand reclaiming for resale use in more foundry moulds. A few years ago they switched to chromite sand and were interested in updating our pneumatic conveying equipment they purchased 20 years before. So they requested a refurbishment service from us at the time of an additional equipment order of 5 systems. After putting a game plan together, we tackled the refurbishment on-site at their factory. The results have been 2 like-new systems plus the additional 5 brand-new. Our field-service team spent one week on-site ensuring the quality standard we require was met in this unconventional service offering we delivered. It goes to show that we sport the flexibility of a small company, with the flare of a larger international organization that sees our field-tech personnel travel world-wide.

Download Case Study: Chromite Foundry Sand – Infinity, Granite City, IL (pdf)


  • Material Chromite Sand
  • Bulk Density 100-160 lbs/cu.ft.
  • Size 70% silica / 30% chromite,
  • 100%<0.25in.
  • Temperature upto 400°F
  • Moisture Content Dry
  • Condition Free Flowing


  1. Refurbish mothballed systems to like-new With updated controls and programming
  2. Outfit additional processes with similar systems
  3. Ensure system performance with new untested material


  • Transfer Capacity Max 12 t/h
  • Conveying Distance 124 ft.
  • Reception Points 1 each
  • Air Consumption Max 120 cfm
    1. Ability to adapt to new material seamlessly
    2. On-site service to perform extensive system rebuild
    3. Performance guarantee, even of old refurbished systems