Dome Valves for Pneumatic Conveying of Cement

Dome Valves for Pneumatic Conveying of Cement

Our Brazilian Licensee, PDL Sistemas, ordered several Dome Valves for their most recent project conveying cement. With systems being built to handle upwards of 25t/hr, PDL has relied on Macawber technology and Dome Valves built in the USA to complete projects that perform. Despite the valves being quite standard, PDL came back to Macawber two separate times during the execution of the contract to nearly double the Dome Valve order quantity. Macawber’s highly capable project management system was able to absorb the extra order quantity and still maintain the same quick ship date. This highlights Macawber’s high performance, ISO 9001 controlled, manufacturing and project management systems that deliver on-time, every time.


  • Material Cement
  • Bulk Density 68 lbs./cu.ft.
  • Temperature 100 °C [212°F]
  • Moisture Content 0 %
  • Condition Dry, Free Flowing


  1. Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying
  2. Quick Ship Date
  3. Additional Order Qty, Same Delivery


  • Transfer Capacity upto 25t/hr per system
  • Conveying Distance 31m
  • Reception Points 1
Dome Valves Cement Conveying

Dome Valves Cement Conveying