shot blast recycling and recovery system

Shot Blast Recycling and Recovery Systems with recovery rates up to 20 tons per hour.  Shot Blasting is now more efficient and economical with this proven packaged system for less-loss recovery of shot blast material. The entire system is controlled from one local NEMA 4 Panel that provides total system display for safe operator control.

Shot Blast Recycling Brochure (pdf)

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Shot Blast Recycling with MacBlast:

  • Fully auto total media handling to recover spent media providing return conveyors to a central spent material pick up point
  • Addition of complete blast rooms with rubber walls and special floors to prevent wear and provide operator safety
  • Very high recovery rates up to 20tons/hour and higher
  • Fully automatic operation, system only operates on demand
  • Very flexible process layout with handling distances to 150m (500ft)

Key Features:

  • Recovery media material velocity is low to prevent further media loss.
  • Media handling via dense phase conveying avoids any further wear to blast media and provides much longer life to blasting media for multiple use, time and time again.
  • Competitors use noisy, high velocity handling and cyclone filters for media separation, resulting in further media damage; up to twice the degradation for blasting and recovery.
  • On-demand operation saves power, even while blasting.



Product Arrangements and Basic Operation Concept

MacBlast® systems come in stand-alone or mobile arrangements.


  • Blast Areas with Recovery and Renovation with Dust Extraction and Screening Blinds or Dedicated Cleaning Room
  • Blasting Areas within the production space may be cordoned off from other areas with effective dust controlling blinds and filters. Or stand-alone pre-fab building with a blast room can be utilized – we do not require purpose-built buildings.
  • Spent media is automatically removed away from the blasting area to be recycled by a low-velocity dense-phase conveying system to a gentle and dust free mechanical separation unit. Dust is also vacuumed away to a reverse jet filter for auto dumping to waste. The screened and renovated media is conveyed by another low velocity to a feed hopper to automatically feed the blasting pot as required
  • This is an economical solution to the requirements of small and medium fabrication production shops. It provides screened security and a clean operation and a low investment cost. Recovery of spent media may be local to the blasting area or remotely as determined by the general shop layout.
  • As with all MacBlast systems the process has gentle handling enabling long life of media and low operating cost while improving the overall operating efficiency of the fabrication operation.


  • Remote and Heavy Duty Mobile Blast Cleaning Systems for Large Structures Outside
  • Mobile blast cleaning systems are provided trailer mounted as a complete package; with self contained compressor equipment and with all necessary handling systems to clean and refurbish the shot media. Spent media is normally removed by a short vacuum system to a remote recovery silo from which it is fed to a gentle mechanical separation system for reuse and auto recycling of the media to a ready use bin above a mobile blasting vessel
  • This is a convenient solution to the requirements of ships and large structures assembled outside the shop; or in cases where job-to-job mobility is required. Site safety is normally provided by temporary heavy duty blinds erected around the blasting area. Recovery of spent media may be local to the blasting area or remotely as determined by the general layout. Blasting pots may be provided with multiple blasting nozzles for several simultaneous blasting operations. Handling distances may be substantial as required
  • As with all MacBlast systems the process is gentle with the media enabling low operating cost and long life of the media while improving overall operating cost of the fabrication operation.

General Operation Concept

  • Spent material is fed to a conveniently located ground hopper with safety grid from which it is automatically transferred by a low velocity dense-phase positive pressure conveying sub system to a storage hopper. The spent blast material is fed by gravity through a Dome Valve to a high efficiency mechanical vibrating deck separator where fines are removed for disposal.
  • The renovated media at the original particle size is fed to a second low velocity dense-phase conveying sub system for transfer to a storage hopper which is mounted above the blasting machine.
  • The operator has full automatic control of transfer and cleaning rates while overfilling of hoppers is prevented by high level probes where required. For example transfer and renovation of media may take place simultaneously while shot cleaning is in progress.
  • Operator control and safety protocol is mandatory with all Macawber Systems.

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