System loaded on transport vehicle

System loaded on transport vehicle

The Macawber Macpump T150 is a single system, but with two vessels. As one is conveying the other is filling and preparing to convey. The pneumatic conveying distance is 2955ft horizontal and 65ft vertical conveying over 100t/h of crushed limestone. The conveying line starts at 12” and finishes at 14”. This was a challenging application due mainly to the limestone material being out of specification relative to the initial sample upon which the system was designed. However, with a few small modifications and careful optimization, the system achieved all the customer’s specifications and is now working 24 hours per day 7 days a week at a power station. Batch size and sequence control are by two sets of load cells with system control selectable either from the central control room via Ethernet communication protocols or at the local panel.


Crushed Limestone        0.0008” to 0.04”
Bulk Density                 69 lb/ft³
Temperature                  104°F
Moisture Content           1.0% Maximum
Condition                      Free Flowing


1. Dense phase low velocity conveying
2. High transfer rates.
3. Reliable operation.


Transfer Capacity          Over 100t/h
Conveying Distance      3020ft  
Reception Points           2


1. Increased transfer rate.
2. Reliable operation.
3. Low degradation.

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