Macawber Group’s Cement Handling Capability is Creating Even Better Benefits

We have recently focused on research and development efforts to improve our cement handling skills even further.  These efforts have created considerable benefits in terms of improved return of investment as well as improved capability.  As we all know cost is an increasingly important factor in the decision to select any capital equipment system such as a pneumatic conveying system, so we continuously work on costs and transferring savings created to our customers.

Our Cementveyor’s recent modifications have provided the following advantages:

  • Equipment price has been reduced by a minimum of 15%.
  • Equipment configuration has been simplified.
  • Equipment operation has been simplified.
  • Conveyance of longer distances using smaller pipe size has been achieved

Armed with the above improvements and coupled with an existing reputation for conveying cement and other abrasive materials reliably and efficiently, our sister company, Mactenn Systems was recently awarded with a contract for conveying cement in a new Port in Ireland.  The installation generated considerable interest and excitement and it was featured in a World Cement Bulk Material Handling Review (BMHR) end of the year issue. 

You can read the full article from BMHR here- or the below summary:

A new export hub was opened by Quinn Cement at Warrenpoint in Northern Ireland late 2017.  This new terminal was built to facilitate export in light of forthcoming Brexit, UK’s separation from the European Community.  At the same time, Quinn Cement entered into a ten year agreement with the Warrenpoint Harbour Authority.  The company transports cement to numerous ports across the UK from this new hub. 

Warrenpoint Harbour Authority hired PM Engineering Ltd. to design, construct and install silos and be responsible for the overall procurement and construction.  An important decision of this project was the selection of the mechanism of transfer of cement from the silos to the ships.  PM Engineering turned to us being familiar with our flexibility and skill to provide custom-made solutions and our ability to convey powdery materials, such as cement reliably and efficiently eliminating or minimizing wear.  The contract was rewarded to our sister company, Mactenn Systems Ltd., which  provided 10 Denseveyor® (Maxflo) dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems to convey cement from the silos to the ships.

Keep an eye on the complete Case Study which will follow.

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