A company that specializes in 3D printing, reached out to Macawber for a dense phase pneumatic conveying solution that could transfer fine, reclaimed sand used in their 3D printing process. It was critical for the conveying process to be gentle and limit particle breakage as well as be reliable to allow 24h operation. Before an order was placed we conducted a material test witnessed by the customer in our in-house material testing facility, and were able to show that the material conveyed with virtually no degradation. In the process implemented, sand is screened and reclaimed to 5 reception bins located above 5 separate 3D printers, each with 4 large sand bins. A reception bin is mounted above and funnels material into the 4 sand bins. A level probe is installed in each reception bin. When the probe detects low material, the Macawber Sandpump® activates and conveys material to that bin until it is full. A series of Dome Type Switch Valves are located in the pipeline to either let material convey to the next bin or divert into the respective reception bin. The 3/4-3 Sandpump® is automated and will run by itself when material is called for, keeping the reception bins full and the printers contented.
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3D Printed Sand Baseball Fine Sand for Pneumatic Conveying