We are so pleased to have shipped our 3rd order to a customer conveying Calcium Hypochlorite (dry chlorine). Our customer’s process and operating conditions are highly demanding; equipment corroding rapidly unless appropriate coating was applied. After failed past attempts to solve their material handling issues, a few years ago, they approached us to design a fully customized pneumatic conveying system. We accepted the challenge with excitement and since have been supporting our customer as they have been growing and adding to their production line. The most recent system is an 8/8-5 Denseveyor® that is galvanized coupled with a coated Dome Valve®, 3-way switch valve with an aluminum body, Teflon coated fasteners, aluminum pipe and fiberglass control panel. We have appreciated the opportunity to show our ability to meet unique requirements and most of all, to contribute to our customer’s success.

Galvanized Denseveyor for Pneumatic Conveying of Calcium Hypochlorite