The Macawber Dome Valve® is amongst the most reliable process valves in the market.  They were originally designed for robust applications where other conventional valves fail. The Dome Valve has a wear compensating design being able to handle abrasive materials while remaining completely air tight. This combined with other features such as the ability to function successfully in process temperatures above 1200°F and being virtually maintenance free, explains its popularity in applications where durability and reliability is important. It is not surprising therefore that you will find the Dome Valve not just in the heart of our dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems but also controlling other pneumatic conveying and application processes.  These particular valves will be added to our Denseveyor® systems conveying sand and an array of silica for a refractory ceramics plant.

Special key features:

  • Inflatable seal self-compensates for wear as the valve is used
  • Low maintenance. Minimal downtime
  • High temperature and pressure capabilities
  • Cast, carbon steel and stainless construction available. Teflon®, tungsten carbide or other coating options
  • Original designer and US patent holder

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