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Solids do not conform to comfortable empirical formula when you pump them along pipelines.  It is often only with exhaustive testing and evaluation that meaningful decisions can be made.

Macawber has always been at the forefront of material handling evaluation technology.  From the very beginning, 40 years ago, we realized that in order to provide the most comprehensive conveying ability in the world we needed the facilities and expertise to assess any material from minerals such as silica sand, gypsum and dolomite, to titanium dioxide and sugar beet pellets. Since the early days we have tested hundred of materials assessing material performance and optimum conveying conditions and while doing it creating an extensive experience and know-how related to powders and especially difficult to handle materials such as fragile and abrasive materials.

A purpose-built full size research, testing and demonstration facility utilizes our dense-phase technology.  Our materials characterization laboratory first performs analysis of bulk materials to achieve a full understanding of bulk material samples before they are presented to the test circuits.  Once the material enters our 2000ft conveying circuit, instrumentation and data acquisition facilities provide a wide range of information relating to the efficiency of the pneumatic process.  Of special significance is our attention to:

air:material ratio to determine the energy efficient performance for material and application;

material velocity which is immensely important for abrasive bulk materials to ensure satisfactory pipeline life;

conveying media demand, which is the profile of conveying gas demand to ensure adequate supply requirements;

Transfer capacity in order to determine correct system size; and

Gas filter requirement.

Once all the data has been collected and analyzed we are ready to discuss with our customers the type of conveying system we consider would be the best solution for our customer’s needs.

Should you have a material that is difficult to handle or you just wish to learn about your material and how it conveys we are here to assist.

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