Biomass gasification technology and processes continue to advance with new plants each year. In simple terms, the typical process includes feedstock of an organic carbon material fed into a high temperature, high pressure containment vessel (Gasifier) in a low oxygen environment preventing combustion, generating Synthesis or Syngas. The Gasifier generally contains a media to create a fluidized bed for the carbon. A continuous process is required to introduce feedstock, injection of makeup bed media and a drain of ash and unburnt carbon which will include some bed media.  In order to introduce material into this process stream, Macawber Engineering uses both our Dome Valve® and Denseveyor® requiring various methods and techniques to balance these high pressures and temperature management. To extract the materials, a process is required to reduce the high pressure suitable for pneumatic conveying to our Denseveyor®. The low velocity, dense phase process is favorable for the abrasive nature of the drain material and presents the lowest risk for unburnt carbon to reignite.  
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Biomass Gasification Renewable Energy Pneumatic Conveying System