Mixed Mortar Conveying System

Mixed Mortar Conveying System

The low velocity dense-phase pneumatic conveying system supplied conveys in 90t/h of mixed mortar over a distance of 360ft horizontal and 115ft vertical. The system uses a 52 cu.ft. vessel with a 8” pipe line. The system is located under a mixer which in turn is fed by multiple product feed hoppers. The starting and stopping sequence of the system is controlled  automatically from a central control room via an Ethernet connection. The pneumatic conveyors are working very reliably and exceed the customer’s expectations regarding rate transferring over 130t/h. The system incorporated multiple manifold settings allowing the transfer of a wide range of bulk materials and sizes. The system set-up is done automatically simply by selecting the material recipe. Further options have been added since the initial start-up including a four way diverter valve and the addition of more reception silos and conveying lines. The end user is extremely satisfied with the system and the flexibility it offers considering the hundreds of different mixes that need to be conveyed.

MATERIAL CHARACTERISTICS                                                                   

Mixed mortars                  0.005” to ½”
Bulk Density                       64 – 120 lb/ft³
Temperature                     140°F
Moisture Content            0%
Condition                            Free Flowing with aeration

SYSTEM OBJECTIVES                                                                         

1.  Dense-phase low velocity conveying and low wear
2.  Reliable operation
3.  Flexibility to allow multiple product mixes

SYSTEM PERFORMANCE                                                                                

Transfer Capacity             90t/h (actual up to 130t/h) Conveying Distance  475ft
Reception Points              1 feed and 11 reception points


1. Increased transfer rate
2. Reduced compressed air requirements
3. No mixing or product between material changes

mixed mortar bottom of post

mixed mortar bottom of post

System Flow Layout