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Denseveyor installed below a feed hopper
[P3674] Macawber Group Installation Case Study:
Sodium Bicarbonate Conveying system, Northwich, UK.

In brief:

The dense phase pneumatic conveying system was supplied to convey 14 t/h of sodium bicarbonate over a distance of 26 ft. horizontal and 98 ft. vertical. The system is an 8 cubic feet Denseveyor® with a 5” pipeline and is located under a feed hopper with start and stop controlled in automatic by the feed hopper and silo reception level probes. The system was first installed in November 1996.  In July 2014 after 17 years of continuous daily operation, it was upgraded with a touch screen operator interface, a new filling Dome Valve, and air manifold. The vessel and pipeline remain originals and are in the very good condition expected to offer many more years of service.  The pipeline, bends, and vessel are made from stainless steel 304 with all external surfaces coated in a corrosive resistant clear lacquer.



Material Characteristics:

Sodium Bicarbonate            0.004” Mean

Bulk Density                          66 lbs/cu ft

Temperature                        104°F

Moisture Content                0.1%

Condition                               Free flowing




1. Dense phase low velocity conveying

2. Low material degradation

3. Reliable operation




Transfer Capacity                14t/h

Conveying Distance            26ft Horizontal and 98ft vertical

Reception Points                 1 feed and 1 reception point.



  1. Cost savings in terms of energy savings and reduced maintenance
  2. Increased transfer rate
  3. Reduced compressed air requirements
  4. Lower than specified material degradation
  5. Low maintenance
  6. High reliability
  7. Fully integrated into control room DCS
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New system control panel

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Final refurbishing assembly

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Outlet air nozzle with proprietary air flow valve

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