Our Story

Since its establishment in the 70s Macawber Engineering, Inc. has focused on dense phase pneumatic conveying. It has been a pioneer, an innovator, an educator and most of all a solution provider assisting customers worldwide to convey, often difficult to handle materials, reliably and efficiently.

Our story began in Doncaster, UK in the early 70s with two driven businessmen, Michael F. Crawley and Brian Snowdon, both with innovative minds and determined to make a mark and improve the existing methods of conveying which at the time were unreliable and particularly unsuitable for conveying abrasive material. The Dome ValveĀ® was born and today it remains a critical component in our designs offering a unique advantage over other conveying systems due to its superior performance.

Our approach from the beginning was and remains scientific, from testing and understanding materials to designing equipment that optimize system performance. Our mission is to provide high quality, custom-tailored systems backed with experience and expertise that will provide lasting benefits to our customers.

We are committed to working hand in hand with our customers to develop solutions that benefit our customers throughout the life cycle of the equipment and as processes and requirements change. Design expertise and product quality combined with support has created a system population that lasts, some operating for over 30 years. We are thankful for the relationships we have developed and the customers who return to us for new systems, retrofits and service year after year.

Today thousands of our systems are operating in just about every process industry conveying materials that range from fragile to abrasive, damp and dry, lumpy and mono-sized, from pebble lime to peanuts, biomass to baby powder, EAF dust to TiO2 and everything in between.

Our equipment is designed and manufactured in-house ensuring flexibility to meet our customers individual needs, national standards and the quality of the end product.

As dense phase experts, we do not just take pride in what dense phase can offer in terms of reduced energy consumption, material degradation and pipe/equipment wear, we have taken dense phase a step further with our expertise and equipment designs that offer know-how, confident and simplicity that further reduces maintenance, downtime and operating costs.

We share our expertise with engineering houses, OEMs and end users and we co-operate extensively with our sister companies to provide an efficient network of support to our local and international customers.

We are a tight-knit company, run by a group of individuals who bring professionalism, energy, the ability to think outside the box and adapt to new situations with confidence.

As industries focus on sustainability and profitability Macawber dense phase pneumatic conveying systems are ideally suited to meet the demands for efficient yet environmentally responsible systems.