The process of biomass conversion for fuel presents unique challenges for utilities and industries. For instance, the ash produced by burning organic materials, such as grains, wood, ground plant material, and corn produce ash that is lighter than coal and as such, requires expertise to convey successfully.

Macawber has been at the forefront of designs that are able to respond not just to challenges related to handling biomass but also produce equipment that is a natural fit with a green, environmentally responsible approach.

Whether handling raw biomass materials or transporting the ash or waste products produced by renewable energies processing, our equipment is designed and proven to reduce waste, energy usage, maintenance, and overall operating costs. Our systems are completely enclosed, eliminating dust while not compromising critical issues such as a high-temperature requirement typical in combustion applications. Our standard designs are available up to 650F°, but higher temperature requirements can also be accommodated.

We are handling rice hulls in Indonesia, brewer’s grains in Mexico, and incineration biomass and wood pellets in the UK via our sister company, Mactenn Systems Ltd.

Recently, we have lent our expertise to innovating and exciting projects aiming to gasify garbage waste to synthetic gas and further to low-carbon transportation liquid biofuels.

Biomass Conveyance

Examples of Materials Conveyed

  • Incinerator waste
  • Brewers grain
  • Chicken litter
  • Rice hulls
  • Rice husk
  • Wood pellets
  • Wheat straw
  • Wheat fiber

Other biomass materials conveyed – Learn more about how we can assist your biomass conveying requirements.

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