Conveying Regimes Animation

The most common dense phase convey regimes include continuous, discontinuous and solid flow dense phase.

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Dome Valve Animations

The Dome Valve® is an extreme open-close valve for use in harsh abrasive environments. It provides open-close and pressurizes capability time and time again, operating where other valves simply fail. We are the original patent holders of the Dome Valve®. Our founders designed this valve in the 1970s and have proved the design through extensive R&D and testing. Today, the valve sees service in the harshest of environments all over the world.

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Denseveyor Animation

The Denseveyor® is a low velocity, dense phase pneumatic conveying transporter. It can easily convey tens of thousands of different materials using compressed air and a Dome Valve®. Dust-less fully enclosed conveying system that is economical and environmentally sustainable. Fully automatic operation on an as-needed basis; machine rests when not signaled to operate. Advanced conveying air controls for difficult-to-handle materials.

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Sandpump Animation

The Sandpump® is designed specifically for applications that require sand conveying. A small stature machine with top-side discharge makes it ideal for retrofit applications. Sandpumps® are often designed into packaged casting systems for recovery of mold core material (typically sand). There have been thousands of installations worldwide.

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Ashveyor Animation

The Ashveyor® is an ash conveying system for your ESP and Baghouse ash handling needs. Short machine size is ideal for low headroom applications and retrofit. Designed to operate as multiple vessel systems on one conveying line. This is unique to the industry and has proved incredibly effective – even with ash at high temperatures.

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Macpump Animation

The Macpump is specifically designed for high tonnage pneumatic conveying of bulk material over long distances. Following on from the design work for the Variflo, we have taken the technology and applied it to achieve long-distance conveying at much higher tonnage rates, up to 300 t/h. The Macpump is a twin vessel type design, whereby each vessel alternates between fill and convey cycles alternately. This minimizes the rest time between cycles and maximizes the pipeline conveying capacity.

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