Chromite Sand

Chromite Foundry Sand


This project is interesting because it demonstrates some of the extraordinary service Macawber can perform in addition to plant/capital equipment in a project. The customer came to us having been a previous customer in the mid-‘80s. This customer performs foundry sand reclaiming for resale use in more foundry moulds. A few years ago they switched to chromite sand and were interested in updating our pneumatic conveying equipment they purchased 20 years before. So they requested a refurbishment service from us at the time of an additional equipment order of 5 systems. After putting a game plan together, we tackled the refurbishment on-site at their factory. The results have been 2 like-new systems plus the additional 5 brand-new. Our field-service team spent one week on-site ensuring the quality standard we require was met in this unconventional service offering we delivered. It goes to show that we sport the flexibility of a small company, with the flare of a larger international organization that sees our field-tech personnel travel world-wide.

Download Case Study: Chromite Foundry Sand –  IL (pdf)


  • Material Chromite Sand
  • Bulk Density 100-160 lbs/cu.ft.
  • Size 70% silica / 30% chromite,
  • 100%<0.25in.
  • Temperature upto 400°F
  • Moisture Content Dry
  • Condition Free Flowing


  1. Refurbish mothballed systems to like-new With updated controls and programming
  2. Outfit additional processes with similar systems
  3. Ensure system performance with new untested material


  • Transfer Capacity Max 12 t/h
  • Conveying Distance 124 ft.
  • Reception Points 1 each
  • Air Consumption Max 120 cfm
    1. Ability to adapt to new material seamlessly
    2. On-site service to perform extensive system rebuild
    3. Performance guarantee, even of old refurbished systems