Copper Concentrate

Copper Concentrate

Copper Concentrate


The customer approached Macawber for developing a solid solution for the unique challenge of both an abrasive and corrosive environmental conditions in their copper ore processing plant outside the large copper mine located near Liaocheng in Shangdong Province, China. Due to other systems in the processing plant, including chemical processing systems and open mechanical conveying systems of questionable quality, the customer decided to take the first step in developing a cleaner plant and selected several Macawber pneumatic conveying systems for processing the various materials used in copper processing. Copper concentrate is a minimally processed ore product and one of the materials the customer chose to handle using Macawber systems.

Download Case Study: Copper Concentrate – Liaocheng, Shangdong, China (pdf)


  • Material: Copper Concentrate
  • Bulk Density: Aerated 1.6-1.8 t/m3 (100-112 lb/ft3)
  • Size: 80% < 200 mesh
  • Temperature: Up to 100°C (212°F)
  • Moisture: Max 0.3%
  • Condition: Highly corrosive and abrasive


  1. Air consumption efficiency
  2. Reliable operation in poor conditions
  3. Maintain operational reliability
  4. Withstand punishing environmental conditions without performance drop


  • Transfer Capacity: 160 Mt/h total
  • Conveying Distance: Up to 110m (360 ft.)
  • Reception Points: Single silo
  • Air Consumption: Total 24.0 Nm3/min (848scfm)
Copper Concentrate

1. Macawber solution selected for superior performance in very poor environments.
2. Resistance to abrasion is superior to competitive offerings.
3. Selection of wear and corrosion resistant ancillary equipment for use directly with the pneumatic conveying system was provided by Macawber.
Macawber worked with the customer throughout the design process to ensure the
delivery of a well-engineered solution that fit the customer’s needs specifically.