Foundry Sand

Foundry Sand


The 175 year old McClanahan Corporation contracted with Macawber for the supply of 2 Sandpumps for the purpose of outfitting their foundry located in Hollidaysburg, PA with a foundry core sand reclaim and recycle system. The plant engineer devised a plan that would place 2 Macawber Sandpumps in service under silos for new and reclaimed foundry sand. They changed from continuously using 100% new mould sand, to an 80/20 new/recycled mix, which has translated into a significant operational savings. McClanahan has been in business since 1835 and the site where we installed our Sandpumps happens to be a civil war era building site which has been in McClanahan ownership since before the war. Macawber application engineers and field tech’s worked with McClanahan engineers to devise a system to collect and separate re-usable mould sand and save considerable expense in both purchasing special mold sand and paying material disposal fees. The systems have been operating continuously now since installation in June of 2007.

Download Case Study: Foundry Sand, McClanahan, Hollidaysburg, PA, USA (pdf)


  • Material Foundry Sand
  • Bulk Density 100 lbs/cu.ft.
  • Size Foundry Sand
  • Temperature Ambient
  • Moisture Content 0 %


  1. Reduce new foundry sand purchase requirements (cost savings)
  2. Reduce used foundry sand disposal requirements (cost savings)
  3. Increase plant operational value


  • Transfer Capacity 4 t/h
  • Conveying Distance 105 ft.
  • Reception Points 1
  • Air Consumption 20 scfm at 80/100 psig
    1. Automated on-demand operation minimizes utility requirements
    2. Small robust design fit easily under existing silos
    3. New sand and waste disposal costs were minimized