Ground Rice Hulls

Ground Rice Hulls

The customer purchased four x 12/12 Denseveyor systems to replace existing large blow pot type transporters that were not operating. The systems were used for handling the fuel supply material from the delivery dump locations to the customer’s boiler feed bin.

Download Case Study: Ground Rice Hulls – Pichit Thailand (pdf)


  • Material Ground Rice Hulls
  • Bulk Density Aerated 240 kg/m3 (15 lb/ft3)
  • Size 100% < 1mm, 50%< 500μ, 5%< 100μ
  • Temperature Ambient
  • Moisture Content 0-15%
  • Condition Free flowing when aerated, moderately abrasive


  1. Reliable consistent conveying.
  2. Reduce air consumption from existing systems.
  3. Reduce pipe and valve wear.
  4. Operate with 1 psig vacuum in baghouse


  • Transfer Capacity 10.2 Mt/h each system
  • Conveying Distance 40m (130ft)
  • Reception Points One per system
    • System operation is stable, reliable and efficient
    • System capacity exceeded specified rates by average of 6%
    • Air consumption was 9 % below MEI quoted average. This, in turn, was 20% below the existing system air consumption