Pulverized Fuel Ash

Pulverized Fuel Ash


A large company in England relied on Macawber Engineering at their Cottam Power Station (4×500 MW) to replace an existing fly ash handling system. The Macawber Ashveyor® System was installed on unit #2 to continuously convey pulverized fuel ash (P.F.A.) over a distance of 560 feet.

Download Case Study: Pulverized Fuel Ash (pdf)


  • Material Pulverized Fuel Ash
  • Bulk Density 53 lb/cu. Ft.
  • Size < 100 micron
  • Temperature Up to 400oF(205°C)
  • Moisture < 1%
  • Condition Highly abrasive, Free flowing when aerated


  1. Continuous Conveying of P.F.A.
  2. Air consumption efficiency
  3. Reliable consistent conveying.
  4. Maintain low pipe and valve wear.


  • Transfer Capacity: 35 T/H
  • Conveying Distance: 560 ft
  • Pick-up Points: 9
  • Reception Points: 1
  • Trouble free conveying on a continuous 24 hour basis.
  • No pipeline boosters are required on the Macawber technology.
  • Low pipe wear – Macawber provides a no-wear guarantee.
  • Vessels filled via the unique Macawber Dome Valve® technology.
  • Compact design and low profile allows for easy retrofit installation in restricted headroom applications.
  • Low velocity, dense phase conveying provides lower air consumption and increased energy efficiency.
  • Customer relationship strengthened through solid delivery on promises.