Steel Smelter Ash

Steel Smelter Ash


The new Caofedian Industrial Zone on the coast of the Bo Hai sea in N.E. China is seeing rapid growth as a center for steel production, chemical processing, oil refinement and import processing. The customer purchased nine systems comprising mostly Ashveyor and Denseveyor pneumatic conveying systems for the handling of flue gas ash captured through ESP and baghouse processes. The steel plant is a 500T/day steel processing plant with the need to transfer 87 tons of smelting ash per hour to large on-site storage facilities prior to truck and train load-out.

Download Case Study: Steel Smelter Ash – Tangshan, China (pdf)

Conveying Steel Smelter Ash


  • Material: Steel Smelting Ash
  • Bulk Density: Aerated 1,800 kg/m3 (112 lb/ft3)
  • Size: 70% < 200 mesh
  • Temperature: Up to 120°C (248°F)
  • Moisture: Near 0%
  • Condition: Highly abrasive. Moderately retains air.


  1. Air consumption efficiency
  2. Reliable consistent conveying.
  3. Maintain low pipe and valve wear.
  4. Meet government mandate for low velocity, dense phase pneumatic conveying.
Conveying Steel Smelter Ash


  • Transfer Capacity: 87 Mt/h total
  • Conveying Distance: Up to 300m (985 ft.)
  • Reception Points: Multiple
  • Air Consumption: Total 57.5 Nm3/min (2030scfm)


1. Competitive solution exceeded customer expectation in quality.
2. Customer relationship strengthened through timely delivery on promises.
3. Conveying route optimized through customer/supplier collaboration at plant layout design phase. Macawber supported the customer every step of the way.