Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide


A large corporation’s paint division of Matteson, Illinois relied on Macawber Engineering for its titanium dioxide conveying needs. The systems have provided reliable and efficient operation handling this cohesive material.

Download Case Study: Titanium Dioxide (pdf)


  • Material Titanium Dioxide
  • Bulk Density Aerated 800 kg/m3 (50 lb/ft3)
  • Size 100% < below 250 microns
  • Temperature Ambient
  • Moisture Content 1.0%
  • Condition Highly cohesive and adhesive powder containing agglomerated lumps, tends to coat steel surfaces. Moderately abrasive.
  • Special Note Systems also handle calcined clay, calcium carbonate, mica, amortized silica and feldspar.


  1. Capable of handling Titanium Dioxide and five other materials.
  2. Reliable, low maintenance operation & low pipe wear.
  3. Ability to prevent material build-up in vessels and pipelines.


  • Transfer Capacity 36 Mt/h (40 t/h)
  • Conveying Distance 122 m (400ft)
  • Reception Points Six
  1. Dense phase mode of conveying resulted in low pipe wear – Macawber provides no-wear guarantees for pipe and bends.
  2. Unique Denseveyor design provided for smooth, efficient vessel filling and discharge.
  3. Vessel filled using the unique Macawber Dome Valve – maintenance free (no lubrication required).
  4. Pipeline boosters not required.
  5. Denseveyor is completely factory assembled, functionally tested before shipping, ready for start-up.