Our Approach

Our innovative approach to dense phase pneumatic conveying,¬†originally developed in the 1970s, is to create systems, designed with expertise, that are simple and reliable. This concept has transformed not only pneumatic conveying, but also our customers’ material handling capabilities and continues to be recognized as a proven and tested philosophy of low velocity dense phase pneumatic conveying. We remain the leader in our industry with thousands of installations worldwide.

Our passion for science and understanding how to best convey materials, especially those that are difficult to handle, has been critical to our success. This, combined with engineering that focuses on developing technology with quality and customer benefits in mind, sets us apart from many other pneumatic conveying companies.

The Scientific Approach

  • Expertise created over 40 years
  • Thousands of materials tested
  • Working hand in hand with customers to educate and provide custom solutions
  • Continuous R&D
Our Technology
  • No Boosters

Our systems do not require boosters, or air to be inserted along the pipeline, thus simplifying the overall system design while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

The role of boosters is to prevent and/or assist to unblock pipeline blockages. In our designs system reliability is achieved by careful consideration of the appropriate conveying regime based on system objectives and material characterization, hence eliminating the need for additional air along the pipeline.

  • The Dome Valve¬ģ

Our systems are designed to convey material in short plugs, found to be the most suitable method to create the best conveying results and operating benefits. This, in turn, requires frequent cycles and a reliable feeding valve. The Dome Valve, with the ability to close through a column of material and provide a bubble tight seal, was developed and patented by Macawber in the early 1970s. It is a robust, inflatable seat valve specially designed for dense phase applications, and in particular, for extreme processes such as abrasive and high temperature applications. Butterfly and many other valves in the market cannot provide the same functionality and reliability in dense phase applications. The Dome Valve is in the heart of every Macawber system, and with just one moving part, it is not only simple to operate, it is also low in maintenance and in certain applications, known to operate a million cycles between inspections.

  • Low Profile Equipment

Our operating philosophy utilizes small pressure vessels. This has the additional benefit of installation flexibility, reduced steel work and support structure requirements, as well as being able to fit into small spaces, under silos, bulk bag unloaders, reclaimers, etc.

Our expertise is widely used to design systems for difficult to handle materials such as abrasive, hot, sticky, and fragile materials. However, as almost all applications will benefit from the lowest material velocity providing the greatest energy efficiency, we have thousands of systems in just about every process industry offering added value in terms of quality, simplicity, reliability and cost savings, many of which have been in operation for over 20 years.