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The Ashveyor® is an ash conveying system dedicated for ESP, baghouse and other ash handling requirements such as EAF dust. Compact machine size is ideal for low-headroom applications and retrofits. The system is designed to operate as a stand-alone or multiple-vessel system on one conveying line. This arrangement has proven effective – even with ash at high temperatures.

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Key Features:
  • Multiple feed points on one conveying line, ideal for ESP or baghouse applications
  • Dust free, fully enclosed system eliminates dust spillage. Environmentally responsible
  • Efficient and simple controls; system operates on demand only
  • 10 ESP feed points can be handled on just one conveying line. Dramatically reduces piping requirements
  • All ash and combustion by-products can be handled; coal ash, biomass ash, steel smelter dust ash (EAF dust)

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