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The Denseveyor® is a low velocity, dense phase pneumatic conveying transporter. It can easily convey tens of thousands of materials, including difficult-to-handle powders, granules, and others, using gases such as compressed air and nitrogen. The system design is simple with just one moving part, the Dome Valve®, and offers a dust-free, fully enclosed conveying system that is economical and environmentally sustainable. The Denseveyor® operates automatically on an as-needed basis, as the machine rests when not signaled to operate. Advanced control options are available.

Key Features:
  • Low velocity, dense phase pneumatic conveying system that uses minimal air for conveying, thus reducing energy consumption
  • Dust free, enclosed operation keeps the environment clean. No dust spillage.
  • Low material velocity (compared to dilute phase), means far less wear and lower maintenance requirements
  • Controls are integrated and automated; the machine only operates when signaled
  • Material-to-air ratio is higher than that in dilute phase, increasing operating efficiency
  • Proven design and technology, first developed in 1974

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