Ground Rice Hull Ash

Ground Rice Hull Ash


After the customer purchased four x 12/12 Denseveyor pneumatic conveying systems to fuel supply of ground rice hulls to a biomass boiler, they followed-up by purchasing reliable Ashveyor bottom ash systems from Macawber to handle ash collected from a dust collector and ESP, as well as bottom ash. The customer was chiefly interested in eliminating dusty conditions and pipe blockages which necessitated a lot of hosing down and near constant labor. Our customer’s previous systems were large blow-pot types which suffered from bridging as well.

Download Case Study: Ground Rice Hull Ash (pdf)


  • Material Ground Rice Hull Ash
  • Bulk Density Average 300 kg/m3 (19 lb/ft3)
  • Size 100% < 500µ, 80% < 200µ, 50% < 100µ
  • Temperature Dust Collector Ash: 200°C (390°F), ESP Ash: 200°C (390°F), Bottom Ash: 350°C (660°F)
  • Moisture 0%
  • Condition Free flowing when aerated, highly abrasive


  1. Elimination of dusty conditions and pipe blockages.
  2. Reduce air consumption from existing systems.
  3. Reduce pipe and valve wear.
  4. Operate with 1 psig vacuum in baghouse.
  5. Prove concept at 20MW plant.


  • Transfer Capacity 13.2Mt/h (14.5t/h) total, all systems
  • Conveying Distance Average 70m (230ft)
  • Reception Points One per system
    • System operation is stable, reliable and efficient.
    • Purchased directly through end user, using local contacts; dealing with local culture.
    • Systems consume 1/3 the air of their previous systems equating to valuable efficiency gains.
    • Customer is using plant as a proving ground for follow up projects elsewhere in Asia.